Dot & Eva's Oven Cranberry Pecan Fruitcake

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Happy Holidays 2013! Our next bake date is December 5.

Place your order now to be sure you receive your special cake in time for the holidays. Returning customers will receive a package of Prince of Gui jasmine tea as our holiday gift to you.

Welcome to Dot & Eva’s Oven! Dot & Eva’s is a family owned business that gives our customers the opportunity to buy fruit cake online. But this is not just any fruit cake. Our Cranberry Pecan Fruit Cake defies your expectations with a taste and quality you never thought possible.  

Our company, Dot & Eva's Oven, is new, though our Cranberry Pecan Fruit Cake recipe is anything but.  It has been around longer than any of us have even been alive, and the recipe, in spite of new technology demands, has improved through higher quality ingredients and total dedication to the original blending and baking process.

We preserve the integrity of the original recipe that predates the Civil War, carefully selecting the ingredients and baking our fruit cakes. Much of the baking process is still done by hand. We now make big enough batches to serve any and all who want to buy fruit cake, but the baking is done in such a way that the cakes remain the same as they were if made by my family more than a century ago. When you receive our mail order fruit cake, it will be the freshest, fruitiest, nuttiest, and most addictive treat in your house for as long as you can resist finishing it. As we often hear from everyone who tastes our fruit cake, “It’s not what you expect.

Dot & Eva's Oven | Cranberry Pecan Fruit Cake